Twin Twist

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/do you feel that it’s him punching himself in the wound and willing it to go through the bond DON’T BE A JERK/

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One of Rotorstorm’s shots ricocheted off one of the firing targets and hit me in the leg.


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;slowly rolls himself over and wraps that arm around him, winglets twitching as he gets himself comfortable against him; //I’m not going anywhere. You can dangle me off of something tomorrow if it makes you feel any better. I’m sure Springer won’t keep me long.// ;just gonna use the bond as he presses his helm against Twist’s shoulder;

/shifts more until he’s comfortable and lifts his hand to pet Topspin’s sidegrins wide and chuckles quietly/ //I’d dangle you from the ship if I was sure it wouldn’t give Springer a brain aneurysm.// /tilts his helm to nuzzle against Topspin as much as he can/ //Good. Maybe  we can do something when you two are finished.//

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;sinks into his berth and gives Twin Twist’s back a few pats; Of course not. I’m sure it’s not eating you up that I’m always saving your aft. //Not one bit.// ;glances over to the casing next to his berth and the rocks inside of it, quite relaxed as he continues to pet the other mech’s back; Nah, you two will be on your own. Springer wanted me for something tomorrow. Don’t know what yet.

/grumbles a little/ You know it does y’jerk. //Or you should.// /dims optics and shifts closer, pressing into his side lightly. peers over at the rocks right along with him before looking back to Topspin’s face/ Mmh. Is he keeping you busy all day?

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;glances over to him, systems buzzing contently when his wing thing is pet; Didn’t think to invite me, huh? ;gives him a relaxed elbow to the side; You still trying to catch up on saves over there? ;dims his visor some and reaches up to give the base of one of Twin Twist’s drills a pet before deciding to move backwards and lay himself down, leaving room for the other mech beside him;

/flickers optics and smirks softly/ Oh, I’m sure Rotorstorm would’ve asked you to come. /his drills spin very slowly a few times and he lets out a little purr. gives a gentle little pinch to the tip of the winglet before Topspin lays down, and puffs/ I’m not doin’ anything. /wiggles around and lays on his stomach next to Topspin, making a face at him/

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